Friday, December 7, 2012

The Truth Of Wrong From Right - OSCC EP 16


Something so simple (for children) is made so complicated by people looking for excuses every day. Every day it can start with something as simple as finding an excuse not to go to work, and then maybe finding an excuse to spend money on things you shouldn't, and then maybe you justify looking at a dirty picture, or another woman for a little while, or justify doing drugs, or justify anything you shouldn't do, then you decide you want something you don't have, so you decide to steal it.

Or maybe your an authority and you decide to look the other way for some reason, and allow someone to continue crimes, and continue to put others at risk, because you don't enforce the law when you should.

Knowing the truth of wrong from right is pretty simple really, and if you get confused, maybe you should ask a child, or an elderly person, or both. Pray and ask Jesus what to do.

Then the Truth of Wrong from Right isn't so complicated at all. We all know the difference between wrong and right, so don't compromise, and don't make excuses for yourself and others. Do the right thing, and make a habit of cintinuing to do the right thing.
~ Justin Breithaupt 12/05/2012

Chuck Norris is doing a very good job, and making a very good effort to help the world, and to spread Christianity

Chuck Norris Likes It !

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  1. Let's see.... There were two trees in the garden. One was the knowledge of good & evil: essentially the knowledge of right and wrong. The other tree was the tree of life.

    So on the one hand, knowing right and wrong. On the other hand, knowing life, and bringing life.

    Let's see. One of those trees was forbidden, wasn't it? And one was not, right? Which was the one we were supposed to avoid?

    That's what the law was all about: do all this right stuff perfectly and you'll live. Do any of these bad things, and you'll die. Nobody ever managed to make that work. Except one guy, and they killed him.

    I don't thing that the knowledge of right and wrong is really the right focus.