Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pulling The Power To Evil Strongholds - OSCC EP 21


Often times we find ourselves trying to cast out demons, or do spiritual kung foo in order to send demons away, bind them, and tell them they can't come back. Speaking from experience, it does send demons away and it is Biblical, however if you don't follow it up with some terraforming the problem will likely repeat.  Terraforming  is nothing new, but few children of God have understood it. Vengeance is the Lord's and unless we know: 1. What has happened in the past to cause what we see in the present & who and what to forgive; 2. Ask for forgiveness for whoever and whatever has given the legal right for satan and his demons to mess with us and others; 3. And hurl down the accuser in Jesus' name by the power of His blood, and continue to tell the demons they have no legal right, it is likely the problems will keep coming back.
ALSO We must have the Lord show us when we have any negative feelings of fear, anger, revenge, vengeance, frustration, guilt... for a person, thing, group, ect. because likely that group or person has a stronghold in their life controlling them / influencing them, and they are either unaware of it, or don't know how to overcome it. When we have these negative feelings, thoughts, words, and actions about something, someone, or a group, we give evil satanic power to that stronghold and increase it's effectiveness, and make it seem more unstoppable. When you are upset with someone or afraid  your not just giving them power in your mind, your also giving them satanic power literally, and you will see it manifest itself. The satanic power we generate or amplify is stored in a battery the stronghold is plugged into, and that battery is satan. When we forgive anything that caused that person or group to be in that stronghold in Jesus' name by the power of His blood and give up all those negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, words, and actions, we take away the power stored up in that battery, and they have to try to find it some place else, by getting others to fear them, or get angry with them, or feel guilty. Of course satan will try to re establish you as a power source, or amplifier.
By amplifier I mean that evil thoughts planted in your mind, or shared threw gossip can be amplified in your mind, and heart, into much more angry, fearful, and guilty feelings, that result in thoughts, words, and actions to power the enemy. If you can recognize the thoughts that are not your own, or gossip (with Jesus' help & the help of the Holy Spirit) then you "can" stop them and reject them before it goes any further and you end up fueling the enemy.

A prayer for our small town of Pomeroy WA, and our County too.

 Father, we ask You to give us our daily bread of revelation and freedom for the city of Pomeroy. We
ask You to anoint us for this work of dismantling all infrastructure of evil and establishing Your rule in this city. We ask You to shine Your Light on this city that the hidden sins committed across all time on this land will be revealed. We commit to taking the time, however long it is, to walking out the process of sanctification that You lead us through. We call upon You Lord Jesus, Lion of the Tribe of Judah to come to this place and roar, establishing Your dominion on earth as it is in heaven. We wait upon You Lord to show us what root sins need to be forgiven this day.”

We forgive every person you are highlighting to us as having sinned in this city, and thus defiled the land. We forgive every person of influence and authority in the city. We forgive every servant in the community, especially those responsible for executive, legislative, and judicial / enforcement duties. We forgive every resident and all those who have visited the area. We forgive all persons that we have been in covenant with and all those that have trespassed againstus. We receive and wash their feet with the Blood of Jesus that the power of our sins are broken. All curses are broken. All defilement: all bloodshed, broken covenant, idolatry, and all sexual immorality is washed away. All wounds are healed. Everything false is revealed in the Light and forgiven. All vows, oaths, or covenants of evil are dissolved. And all witchcraft, manipulation, and control is dismantled, unraveled, undone, and rendered powerless. We are purified of all unrighteousness, and redeemed of every consequence. We hurl down the accuser with the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. The demonic stronghold is unplugged and shut 
I bind and cast all demons that have just lost their rights to torment or afflict to the feet of Jesus, and tell them never to return. All conspiracies are thwarted. All portals, gates, doors, or windows of evil are shut. All demonic blockades at the gates of this city are demolished and removed. We ask You Father to come, All Consuming Fire, and burn all residue of evil out of the city of Pomeroy. We post all angels assigned to Pomeroy in their respective positions. Through our 
choice of unity and purity from the Blood of the Lamb, we call these angels fully clothed and armed with every resource that they will need to complete their assignments.” 
Father, I ask You to bless Pomeroy with peace, joy, happiness, and the favor of God. Amen.”

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