Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Episode 7 - Killing My Old Man

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Episode 7 - Killing My Old Man / How To Sin No More Romans 6

What really gets me about the old nature (seen as the angels with black wings in the Some Kind Of Zombie video below) is that people with the old nature inside them are attracted to pain. They think they enjoy harmful situations, substances, and influences. Eventually they can get so lost that they think that these harmful things are good for them.

Being Dead To Sin.


I must have been confused or vain
to let this evil in my brain.
Lord did I enjoy the change
that you made inside my heart?
Oh here they come
I'm not afraid
there's no temptation I can't evade.
Stand up straight
look through the haze
I begin to walk through the maze
here they come
they're all up on me
but I'm dead to sin like
some kind of zombie.
I hear you speak and I obey
some kind of zombie
I walked away from the grave
some kind of zombie
I will never be afraid
some kind of zombie
I gave my life away.
I'm obliged and obey
I'm enslaved to what you say.

Killing My Old Man

Killing My Old Man - Lyrics

I think its gone far enough
I can't take it anymore
I've got to even up the score
Before he sweeps me off the floor

I've really got to find a way
Of taking care of him for good
I know he'd kill me if he could
So I'll nail him to the wood

Killing my old man
You may not understand
He's a terrible man
Got to make a stand
And kill the old man

Every time that I think he's gone and I've finally won
He just keeps coming back, puts me on the run

I think I'd better do it now
Get my hammer and a nail
Pray to God I that I won't fail
Lest he'll keep me in the jail
And I don't wanna stay in jail!


Just For Fun! The Old Man is in the recipe for disaster!

You have to add your bearded man right at the beginning, because he's the foundation for disaster. If you just throw the trouble in first without the miscommunication and the old man someone with a good idea will avert the disaster. Good point! The Old man has to be ripe (diseased and really old and stinky)

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