Saturday, October 1, 2011

Episode 9 - Paranormal Ghost Hunting (Dealing With Demons)

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I made this video for a friend who is struggling and anyone else out there who struggles with paranormal beings. I would like to make a quick note about a recent encounter I had, that can't be coincidence. There was this man or woman who went by the name Legion, who decided to attack me, and send me tons of detestable images (by God's standards) the like of which I had no idea existed. To be brief the pictures showed snakes coming in and out of women, another picture showed a slug, and another picture showed a vengeful woman who had cut parts off of men and made a necklace that was pierced into her body covering her breasts as a covering. When I saw the symbolism of the serpent and the name Legion I knew it was demonic. One thing I'm pretty sure of is that demons never die, or depart the earth for good. When we rebuke them, they always seem to show up in another person's life who has let them in, let their guard down, or they may come back to you later to knock and see if they can get in again (if the door is open). You always have to be on your guard, and you can't dismiss anything as not being influenced by supernatural spirits. I often hear people tell me I shouldn't spiritualise everything. The fact is that everything physical is affected by the Spiritual 24/7. Paying attention only to the physical world, what we see, hear, taste, and touch, is like only dealing with symptoms of a cold and ignoring the invisible viruses and bacteria at work in the body. If we pay more attention or just as much attention to the cause of the symptoms we can get somewhere, but if we continue living life as if everything were normal and only treat the symptoms of a sick patient, the patient will probably be sick a long time or die from the sickness, and no matter how much we try to treat the symptoms without treating the cause, the symptoms will get worse and over power the drugs we use to stop the symptoms.

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